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Otter Center Hankensbüttel

Otterzentrum HankensbüttelIn the nature experience center located at the southern border of the Luneborg heath, you have the unique chance to discover the stories and habitats of not only the otter, but also other exciting animals that call this region home.

Car City Wolfsburg

Autostadt WolfsburgVisit the world-renowned car city Wolfsburg and get enthralled by museums, attractions and the variety around the topic car.







Off-road Park

The off-road park situated in the "South Heath" guarantees fun and action for the whole family. Test your driving skills on the over 3 km (nearly two mile) long course.

Mill Museum

MühlenmuseumExperience and admire the unique mill museum located in southern part of the Luneborg Heath.

Directly situated on the water course of the Ilse River, you can explore 16 charming mills from all over the world as well as their unique stories and collective history.




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