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Schoko Algen Packung✓ cleans out the whole body
✓ ideal in case of water retention and cellulite
✓helps reducing belly, leg and bum love handles 

60 minutes – our price 49,-€



Red Wine-Algae-Pack

Rotwein Algen Packung

✓ effectively enhances metabolism and lipid catabolism
✓ ameliorates blood circulation
✓ emineralizes and firms

60 minutes – our price 49,- €




Partial Body Wrap

Teil Körperpackung✓ applied on cellulite zones
✓ purges and detoxifies the body
✓ firms skin in leg- and bum areas

30 minutes – our price 26,- €



Detoxification Body Wrap

Entgiftungs Körperpackung✓ reacts on warmth
✓ brown algae provide for a purging of body
✓ stimulates metabolic process and refines skin appearance

60 minutes – our price 49,- €



Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Behandlung✓ peelings in belly- and bum zone
✓ firming special prodcts are massaged in
✓ finally a partial wrap, reacting on warmth for detoxification and purging

60 minutes – our price 59,-€



Detox-Cellulite Treatment

Detox Cellulite Behandlung✓ full body peeling Pharmas
✓ special cellulite gel dissolves metabolic waste products by lymph
✓ activates metabolic process & firms connective tissue
✓ Detox full body purging wrap for a soaked through, firm connective tissue

90 minutes – our price 79,- €



Diuretic Leg Treatment

Enstaunende Beinbehandlung✓ special ingredients have a diuretic effect on legs and calves
✓ straightening of capillary vessels
✓ has a refreshing and relieving effect
✓ activates metabolic process & firms connective tissue

30 minutes – our price 25,- €

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